A complete application to redefine the future of school & educational institutions.

E-GYAN is a unique and comprehensive product with an interactive platform for all entities viz. Students, Teachers, Management, Parents, non-teaching staff of an educational institution.We understand that every school/institution has unique requirements. You need a solution, a custom app, built just for those needs.
E-GYAN is a fully integrated, automated and web-based system that has solutions of being dedicated to activities associated with managing the student learning and assessment. As a web and mobile-based application, it connects students, staff, and parents seamlessly to manage educational work and not teaching staff to manage school operations efficiently. E-GYAN maintains transparency between parents, teachers & Admin, Real time SMS System (Attendance, Home Work, Circular and Fees Reminders) and Global Access & Easy to use web based module.


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Bhanusha InfoSoft is a complete solution provider established in the commercial city of Madhya Pradesh - Indore. Bhanusha InfoSoft provides creative and result driven solutions for diverse spectrum of clients.
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E-Gyan - Front Office Management

With the help of Front Office Management module, school front desk manage the inquiry for...

Front Office Management

E-Gyan - Student Management

Under student management module you can manage students of the different class, academic year wise. Students can view their profile ...

Student Management

E-Gyan - Homework and Assignment Management

Under the Homework / Assignment management module teacher can assign the daily homework or class assignment to ...

Homework Management

E-Gyan - Timetable Management

Timetable Management module is efficient and best to manage timetables. This module aids you to manage and organize ...

Timetable Management

E-Gyan - Exam and Result Management

Our Online / Offline Exam & Result Management module manages all the tasks associated with the exams and their results. It helps to ...

Online/Offline Exam Management

E-Gyan - Fees Management

Our Fees Management module manages the entire task associated with the fees. It helps to manage the student fees, ...

Fees Management

E-Gyan - Communication Management

Our Communication Management module provides the facility for communication between student-teacher, parent-teacher, ...

Communication Management

E-Gyan - Payroll Management

Manually paying or keeping the record of payment to employees or teachers of the school is a tiresome task. With ...

Payroll Management

E-Gyan - Accounts Management

Account Management module helps you to manage all the tasks associated with finance of the school or institution ...

Accounts Management

E-Gyan - Inventory Management

The inventory management module helps associate your tasks easily with the management of inventories. With ...

Inventory Management

E-Gyan - Library Management

Library Management module works effectively in managing the tasks associated with the library. With ...

Library Management

E-Gyan - Transport Management

Transport management module helps manage the transport activities associated with school efficiently ...

Transport Management

E-Gyan - Mobile Application

E-GYAN - Feature Rich Mobile Application

Enjoy the benefits of our feature-rich Smartphone application that aims to manage all your school information efficiently. E-GYAN is a customized school management app with a login for Student, Parent, Teacher, Management and Non-Teaching Staff, giving real-time information for most recent happening at the school. E-GYAN is an easy to use mobile-based school management system to make your school management process hassle-free. With the E-GYAN mobile application students/teachers/parents can view attendance, homework, assignments, timetable, exam reports, results, notice board, and fees details and communicate with each other via message or live chat and even track the live bus status.

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